Who we are

Crafting aromatherapy products means weaving the finest ingredients into small works of art for everyday use. It’s hard to call it work; the act of creating is a meditation of sorts. It is our desire for our customers to enjoy premium handcrafted products that they know are made with love. We are a husband & wife team who enjoy gardening, kayaking, and playing with our pets in our spare time. Kerensa has had a life-time love of color, texture, and simply creating, having worked with sewing, fiber, and painting. She has an architecture degree and began making candles in the mid-90’s as a hobby and meditation. Brian has a business degree and plays violin with the local orchestra. He gave Kerensa that little push she needed to realize that the fragrance hobby could be a real business thing. Thus the business was founded in 2008, and now includes skincare, perfumes, soaps, and bath treats. Kerensa loves commuting across the breezeway to her studio in the rolling hills of Virginia’s Piedmont. She wears most of the business hats, and relies on Brian for opinions on design, help with heavy lifting and master-batching of oils for our soaps and salves. With Brian’s 20-year career in the Navy and our shared love of the water, many of our fragrances are nautical in nature, while others are inspired by places we’ve lived and visited.

Kerensa is from Amherst, Virginia and holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Virginia Tech. She learned sewing and needlework as a very young child, always asking her mom if she could “soft” the fabric. Before founding Lux Aromatica, her professional work centered around high-end textiles and things of the home – a love that took her to live in Florence Italy for three years, where she worked in Italian leather and furthered her study of oil painting and photography.

Having bought her first essential oil at age 12, using essential oils for scenting her candles was the logical thing to do. Her candle hobby began in the 1990’s with recycling the wax of old candles into new ones. Tending the slowly melting wax became a meditation, the process soothing and unhurried, and is still one of her favorite parts of the process. She also enjoys reading, gardening, playing with the pets, bicycling, restorative yoga, pirate-lore, and anything beach.

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Brian recently retired from the US Navy as a Chief after sailing the world’s seas for 20 years. Having spent his Navy career as a Machinist’s Mate, he become very excited about the possibilities of microwave essential oil distillation techniques for our tiny lavender farm. With his business degree from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, he brings an appreciation for intelligent business systems to the team.

He is an apprentice soap-maker and loves volcanoes, anthropology, gardening, and scary movies. He began playing violin and viola as a child, and plays mainly classical with our regional orchestra, as well as fiddle & Irish styles. Originally from New York & Florida, he spent most of his Navy years stationed in Hampton Roads, and now we count him a Virginian.

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